Hi, I'm Ana Amaro

About myself, the first thing I will say is that I am in love with art and beauty in little things.

I am a woman of details, "I'm whiskey in a cup of tea"

Ana Amaro

I love how the light passes through my window to bathe my plants, my sheets and my face. I love the feel of the sea sand or the grass under my bare feet, I love how the watercolor dissolves on the paper or how beautiful the combination of a steaming cup of coffee with an old book cover is and I love how art continues to surprise and amaze me with its power and beauty馃尰

I see art as an extension of myself and my way of seeing the world. I have been creating and practicing all the art forms that I have been able to, I have worked and healed with all my life;


such as drawing, painting, theater, writing, dancing, film, photography, sculpture in clay, clay and wood, the construction of objects … and now I am allowing myself to explore the world of music 馃幖馃獣that has always scared me so much and now I am very excited to discover it and break some of my barriers by doing so.


I have never believed in art for art's sake, but in art as a super powerful tool to connect with emotions, to make people think and feel people, to shout, to vindicate and above all to improve lives

Art can heal souls

I still remember when I discovered a way of life surrounded by art, something inside me made, “click!”. I discovered many things about myself to be able to heal or empower them, and my ideas began to sort themselves out.

And, although I will never stop learning and adding new sources of inspiration to my life, I feel fortunate to make my passion my profession and my way of living and enjoying my life.


What more could ask?

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