The only Art Therapy method to start loving yourself more without suffering in the process

Learn to trust yourself more in a beautiful and easy way through art and at your own pace ...

… regardless of your age, gender or your experience with art

What is it?

It is a course in which you will learn to love yourself more and trust yourself more through practical Art Therapy exercises.


Because in the rest of the therapies one suffers to improve and with art and my method it is not necessary.

For whom?

For women and men of any age who seek to trust themselves more and improve their life.

Surely if you have come this far it is because you are in a moment of low energy and self-esteem and you don’t know how to get out of there and start trusting yourself more without having a battle every time you try, without your self confidence going up and down like a roller coaster

Or maybe you really want to improve your relationship with yourself and discover a different way to get to know yourself, feel more secure and trust yourself more. To start treating yourself as you deserve and renew energy.

I relate to you ...

I understand what you are going through and I know how you feel because I‘ve also been there, I know what it is … situations like:

Saying all those horrible words to you in your head, like you can’t shut them up and they come out automatic.

Continually comparing yourself with others, always putting you below

Looking at yourself in the mirror and not being able to keep your look because, honestly, to judge yourself you prefer not to continue looking at yourself.

Feeling that everything you do is never good or valid enough and you don’t recognize when something goes well for you.

Feeling that everyone is doing well but you.

Feeling of blockage, of being completely lost and without the strength to move in any direction

That is why I have created this beautiful course

Because I don’t want to keep it just for me, I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU so that your confidence in yourself is no longer something you have to fight against but your best ally.

So that once and for all you begin to improve your life because you decide to do it and the world prepares because you just woke up from a long sleep

Do it at your own pace!

It is a recorded course with which you have total freedom to do it from your home, in your privacy, at your own pace, with your schedules.

You can do it whenever and however you want 😉

You will trust yourself much more after these 21 days of course

You are going to get to know yourself while enjoying using art, even if you have never made art or don’t consider yourself an artist.

You will be able to have your little peace with yourself to disconnect from everything and take care only of yourself, without suffering.

You will enjoy a guided and perfectly designed process so that step by step your confidence in yourself takes off like never before.

Learning to trust yourself more is easy and beautiful and you don’t need to suffer or have a bad time in the process, you just need the right guide

What does this course include?


Art Therapy

A beautiful tool in which we use art to connect with our unconscious and we enjoy knowing ourselves.


100% practical

100% practical and simple sessions to get to know yourself through art. Even if you have never had contact with art.


Sesiones en vídeo

Super easy video sessions and guided step by step so that you only worry about enjoying yourself. I promise you will not miss out!


Support material

Personalized PDFs designed to guide you and help you on this journey so you feel very welcomed by me and by your new course.



You have me to ask any questions you have during the course or to share whatever you need. I’m always with you.

At your own pace!

You can take the course at the pace you choose since it doesn’t expire.

Choose when is the best time for you. You have total freedom!



Visualizations designed for each moment, to clear your mind and stop, disconnect from the noise and connect with you.


Beautiful Tips

You will learn dynamics and tricks to accompany you day by day when you need to remind yourself of everything you trust in yourself.


Acceso infinito

Unlimited access to the academy so you can do it again or watch it when you feel like you need it. The course is all yours!


La suerte de compartir

You can share your feelings and concerns with people who are living the same as you and also want to share it with you.

Limited time offer!


¡Oferta por tiempo limitado!



Single payment

Taxes included

Some of my students want to tell you something ...




Still don't know if this course is for you?

Is for you if...

It is not for you if...

Absolutely NOT! To do Art Therapy you don’t need to know how to draw because it is not about something aesthetic or something that has to be “good”, it is only about using the drawing as an “excuse” to project what we feel, and you will know how to do it for sure!🥰

YES!, Art Therapy and this specific course is aimed at all kinds of people. Even if you have never had contact with art, you can perfectly do this course, the only thing you will need to do is… to feel. And of course you know how to do that ☺️

I understand you, I didn’t like what I’ve tried either. That is why I can assure you 100% that in this course you will be able to know yourself enjoying yourself, without having a bad time and seeing the results you are looking for. 😉

Of course not, it doesn’t matter where you start from to take this course. The course is designed so that anyone can do it. You don’t need any prior knowledge or practice. You just need to really want to trust yourself more!☺️

Art therapy with my personal method, to sum it up a lot, is about using all types of art to connect with your unconscious enjoying it and discover yourself along the way to be able to improve your life and the way you relate to yourself and with the world 💫

Not at all! You would be surprised with everything that can be done in Art Therapy. There are infinite artistic ways to express our emotions. It doesn’t have an end! 🥳

I mean that we have been accustomed to delving so deeply into pain that we think we can only know ourselves from there. However, with my Art Therapy method I have put an end to this and give you the opportunity to discover a new way of loving and knowing yourself. You’re going to love it! 🥰

Of course yes! You are completely free to do the course as you wish, I will not control you. However, I don’ recommend doing it in less time than indicated since when we discover something about ourselves we need to give it a time of rest and internalization. So 3 weeks is the ideal time. But what I said, I don’t control you!🙃

It differs in quite a few things, but the main ones are:

  • I work from the beauty of self-knowledge and not from pain.
  • I leave you total freedom because nothing is right or wrong but only your truth exists.
    I understand and encourage you to express as much as you want to express. I will never pressure you to feel something different or to express something that you do not want to express.
  • I always listen carefully to what my clients want to share. Without putting time limits on them or leaving them alone without attending like other types of Art therapy sessions.
  • I will never tell you what you feel because only you know that, I will guide and accompany you but the one who reaches the conclusions is only you.
  • I always add a touch of humor and positivity to my sessions, I like my clients to leave happy and not with their heads down. We do not suffer.

Yes! You will need materials such as a notebook and paintings as well as other things that you will discover at the beginning of the course with a super special PDF that I have prepared for you. So don’t worry, you will know what you need 🎁

I have it very clear! This course was born from my enormous desire to share a different way to improve your life, trust you more and of course love you more ❤️. I want to share it with you so that you too can experience the great change that I have experienced thanks to this precious method of Art Therapy. I couldn’t keep it just for myself!

Exactly when you decide! As soon as you buy the course, you will receive an email in which I will tell you how everything works, (although it is hyper simple) and you can start right then and there. 🌻

Infinite access! This is great because you can access the course whenever you want to remember things or to check how and how much your life and your relationship with yourself have improved by doing the exercises again or to enjoy your moment of peace again. It’s completely yours 🥰

Absolutely not! The course is 100% practical. You don’t need any extra knowledge beyond your emotions dancing to the music or relaxing on paper ✨

Yes! I have prepared a certificate of completion of the course that you can keep to remember how amazing you are whenever you look at it or show it to your friends and family because you are proud of yourself. However, it is not an official certificate, but it is a gesture of gratitude and above all a gift and an achievement for you.💛

Not at all! In this course there is no judgment nor is there a correct way or result. You are the only one who knows how you are, how you see yourself doing the course and how you want to do it.🍃

Yes! And it’s great because sharing makes us bigger. Many times we think that we are the only ones who feel X way and when we share it we realize that there are many people who feel exactly like us and we feel more accompanied. Or by sharing and receiving from others we allow ourselves to see different points of view and internalize new dynamics. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

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