The story of my logo

I really want to tell you the story of my logo because something very, very curious happened to me.

When I started with all this adventure of my website and my life and Art therapy project, at the beginning it was going to be just that. A display for the world to know and love Art Therapy, it was going to be something like a blog. Without academy, without courses, without all the projects that are now in process.

So of course, the first thing I wanted to do was the logo for this blog that would be called something like “Art therapy … (and something) .com”. So I started designing it and after brainstorming I got the ideas that are reflected in my logo: the eye, the paint palette and the plants.

I worked super happy doing it and I ended up very proud with the result, however soon after my project began to evolve, I began to need something more and in the end I decided to change the name of my website and my project and call it and with the name millions of ideas came to the point where I am now.

So I looked at my logo and thought, “if from the beginning I had known that this website would talk about me, would that be the logo that I would have designed to talk about me?”

And the answer was a resounding NO.

And you will wonder … why? Well, because when I designed that logo, I did it by taking away all the responsibility of talking about myself. That logo didn’t define me but defined Art Therapy and it was a real relief because that way I didn’t have to expose myself that much, and I was sure that I wouldn’t have made it so beautiful because I would have had the constant judgment of “it has to be perfect.

However, when I designed that logo t it wasn’t for me, what was happening was that my unconscious was drawing it for me, that logo was talking about me because in the end everything we do talks about us, how we are and how we feel.


And the beautiful and curious thing about all this is that exactly the same thing that happens in Art therapy. In my sessions I will never ask you to talk about yourself from the beginning because I know that if I do, you will speak with a layer of defense, of self-judgment, you’re going to swallow words and feelings. But if instead of doing that I ask you to draw something, to listen to a song, or a visualization or a thousand other things … in the end you will be able to discover so much more about yourself than if you used only your head to do it, because it’s going to be your unconscious the one that will take advantage of the fact that you are entertained creating and so your unconscious will start talking for you with through the art.



So no … there couldn’t be a better logo to lead my web because

I am my eyes and my look, I am art and I am nature, in short: I AM LIFE,

and you?

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