My project

Hello! First of all …  WELCOME !!!

I’m very happy to be sharing this beautiful world with you! very happy to show you the magic of art and art therapy so that your life is even more beautiful than it already is.

Thank you for giving this to you, for allowing you to discover what this is all about and for wanting to be the best version of yourself. 


♥ ︎ Thanks for being part of this ♥ ︎

“After many experiences, I have reached a point in my life and myself in which I am completely convinced that you don’t have to suffer to know yourself , there are other ways and I have discovered this one that fills me the most “ 

With this project I want to give the world the possibility of knowing a new form of self-knowledge in which enjoyment is the main ingredient.

I want to share the way I have discovered how to make my life the life I want to live and know how to accept that it is exactly the life I deserve. I want to share how I have learned to love myself with my lights and my shadows, the way in which I never stop moving forward, getting to know myself and discovering myself.

I have done all this through beauty, art and Art therapy.


Also I want to give visibility to art from a point of view that perhaps it hasn’t been investigated so much, which is its healing power and its connection with your most intimate “I”.

I don’t want you to think that art is only for a few, is not about gifts or talents, in Art therapy it is about making art available to everyone so that we can all use its magic.

in which I am going to teach you a way of approaching life that surely hadn’t occurred to you before.

I believe in many of the therapies that exist and I believe in many ways to help, but I have discovered one that is mine, it’s my own and different, I really like it and I fully believe in it. 

I am going to convey to you how and how much art can change your life , it can make it much more fulfilling and delicious to live
I’m going to tell you a million things and discover them all, I want to tell you about something that exists and is called “Art therapy” and I want to share with you something of my own, my vision about what art really means to me and how I use it to make myself happy
My way of therapy is based more on learning to enjoy and value life than to investigate pain, although as we travel through our interior we are going to find millions of things of all kinds.
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