Types of art in art therapy

Art therapy is so free that it allows you to use all the types of art you want. These are the ones that I have used so far but, as always, I am open to continue integrating new arts to this list.

Check them out to see some examples of how they can be used! 🌻


  • Rhythms with objects
  • Singing
  • Vocal sounds
  • Music as a guide to visualize / create
  • Combination with body movement
  • Creation of sounds associated with ideas / sensations


  • Intuitive drawing
  • Drawing as a quick possibility to capture sensations
  • Drawing as a quick way to capture ideas
  • Intuitive painting
  • Collage
  • Origami


  • Creative writing
  • Story creation
  • Escape route for sensations
  • Brainstorming / emotions
  • Writing emotional letters
  • Dramatized reading


  • Visual composition
  • Creation of spaces
  • Storytelling tool
  • Using the camera as a moving mirror
  • Creation of scenes


  • Free body expression
  • Explore movements
  • Performance through dance
  • Discovery / interaction with space
  • Direct contact with the body
  • Interaction with music multiplying sensations


  • Creative photography
  • Using the camera as a mirror
  • Tool to connect with the past
  • Create from an image
  • Personal identification using an image


  • Improvisation
  • Intuitive actuation
  • Tool to put yourself in someone else’s place
  • Role play / masks
  • Creation of spaces
  • Scene direction
  • Mime


  • Design of spaces
  • Object design
  • Symbolic person design
  • Creative composition design
  • Sketches of ideas or emotions


  • Creation in clay
  • Building objects
  • Construction of spaces
  • Building ideas
  • Plasticine expression
  • Emotional expression through sculpture
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