What's Art Therapy?

Art therapy consists of using all types of art (painting, drama, writing, dance, music, body movement, ceramics, construction of objects, collage, etc.) as a tool to connect with ourselves through our unconscious so we get to know and love ourselves more and be a little bit happier every day in a simple and very beautiful way 🎨🎷


There are many ways and schools of art therapy, but I have created my own method of art therapy based on my own life experiences, values and way of understanding life,

And that is the way that I am going to transmit to you so that your life improves as  mine has already improved 😊


My method of experiencing art therapy is unique because I fully trust the idea that you don’t have to suffer to know yourself. It is true that during the path of self-knowledge we are going to find things that we don’t like or that will harm us, but the focus of my method is not there, but on enjoying the process, on enjoying art and enjoying the moment that I am gifting myself when I do Art Therapy


I want you to discover that being happy can be easy

Art therapy from enjoyment ...

It’s a very beautiful way to get to know ourselves, since, unlike other types of therapy, it is not necessary (and in fact it is not recommended) to use your rational mind but to let yourself go without judging yourself when doing it. This way you’ll be able to discover or re-discover what your difficulties and strengths are without analyzing yourself and above all without controlling yourself.

This is why what you create in the process is full of truth, a truth that hasn’t been vetoed by the mind or rationalization.


It is a surprisingly simple way to connect with yourself since it is when the exercise ends and you look at your work of art that you begin to collect your body sensations and dive into what all that suggests to you, that is when you are aware of what you’ve managed to bring to light through each exercise.

“Art therapy consists of using art as transportation on the way to yourself.”


There are several factors that are essential in the process of my Art therapy method:



I need to be aware of everything that is around me, how it affects me and above all aware of myself, listening to my continuous sensations 👣

Everything is here and now

It is essential to pay attention to what my body, my soul and my mind are asking me now. All the conflicts from the past that I need to work on I work to help the person I am now. Everything is present (and a present 🎁)


You don't have to be the best artist in the world

Art therapy does not conceive art as something aesthetic but as something therapeutic, something needed for the human expression. It is not necessary to “know how to draw” or “know how to act” to be able to do art therapy. EVERYONE IS ABLE TO DO IT 🌏

Nothing is wrong or right

In Art therapy, nothing that you create is right or wrong, it isn’t about that, art therapy is freedom and therefore there are no right or wrong things, there’s only truth 🌿


There is no judgment

If we start from the idea that there is no good or bad, it is imperative to try not to judge ourselves when we are creating or when we discover something that we don’t like about ourselves, and the same towards others. ALL IS VALID 🌻

The important thing is the process, not the result

The way in which art therapy has helped me the most is when I have observed how I have felt creating, what obstacles I have encountered and how I’ve overcome them more than the final result itself, that’s where we must put the focus 🎶


You are the one who knows the most about yourself

Another of the wonders of Art therapy is that the same drawing can mean two completely different things to two different people. That’s why it is very important that you are the one who finds the answers to what that which you have created means to you. Only you know what you need, you are who knows yourself better than anyone else 😉

The rhythm is up to you

It is important to highlight this point, since your rhythm of doing and discovering in art therapy depends solely on you, you don’t have to follow an established rhythm, but rather listen to yourself and act based on what you need at all times 🍃


Are you ready to start the journey? ✈️

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