How much energy do you use to be happy?

How much do you take care of your life?

How many gifts do you give yourself or how many hugs do you give yourself?

How present is beauty in your life?

And in your house 🏕? And in your food 🥑?

My life has always been based around these ideas, I see life as a gift 🎁 and after a long time I have understood that being happy depends solely on me, and since I have decided that I want to be, I have created a beautiful way for it:

I give myself beauty

I make life easier and more beautiful with simple things, I perceive it as an adventure in which I decide what travels with me and I also decide how I want to travel 🌸⛵.

I was not aware that I did it like that until I have taken off many backpacks loaded with things that were not me and I have seen how it helped me to live full and happy.

And I want to share it with you

I want to share with you images of my life and reflections as a personal blog, to show you how easy it is to live enjoying yourself and how well-used little things can bring you a lot of joy.

🌿I want you to feel lucky to be alive 🌿

(like I do it thanks to everything I’m going to teach you)

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